Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sad Goodbye to Google Reader

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Google Reader is shutting down and I for one am a little freaked out.  Here is my attempt to save all my years of documenting my kids lives.  I'm switching over to bloglovin, hopefully it will work.  Anyone know of how I can get my blog made into a book? (I really should have done that years ago, its going to cost me tons)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Bash

I threw Makayla and Robbie a combined birthday party since their birthdays are only 2 days apart.The party was on Makayla's actual birthday and  I could not be more happier with how it all turned out, it was a lot of work, but it was amazing and looked exactly how I pictured it to look!!
This was the gift table 

Maybe I should do a tutorial on the pom poms lol everyone was asking me how I made them, they are pretty easy and look so cute


Makayla had a total of 11 friends there, and there were a few that were unable to make it, but it was a good turn out. Robbie had a few friends there too, we had a pinata that had candy and little toys inside, the pinata didn't hold up well, all the kids were unable to have a turn hitting it before it busted open, but no one seemed to care as they were running for all the goodies

We also had a  bounce house in the backyard, the kids had such a blast playing in that thing (thanks to my neighbor who let us borrow it)  I set up a table for their gift bags for them to take home it included bubbles, bracelets, necklaces, other little toys and candy from the pinata, and for Robbies little baby friends they got to take home a little stuffed animal dog, all the babies seemed to love them and all snuggled them.  I also labeled the water bottles, they turned out darling

the menu included..
-Ham and cheese sandwiches (shaped as flowers)
-PB&J sandwiches (shaped as flowers)
-strawberry yogurt
-water bottles
-marshmallow pops
-mini candy buffet
Doesn't it all look so cute! and really it was the perfect amount of healthy and sweets.  I must say I made butter cream frosting for the first time (I usually make cream cheese frosting) and yum it was pretty delish.  I don't really like the butter cream that most places make, but mine was super good

We have such great friends and our kids have such great friends, thank you everyone who came to their birthday and showered our kids with love.

I decided not to do cakes for them and just do cupcakes for everyone and so glad I did, it was perfect! Robbie was totally loving the frosting, he was in heaven.  Makayla got all shy and her reaction when everyone was singing to her was pretty cute.  The party was a huge success!!!!! Cant believe Makayla is 4 and Robbie is 1!!!!

Birthday Month

Wow this month has been CRAZY to say the least.  In my little family of 4 there are 3 birthdays in February, and that is not including my 2 brothers, 2 grandparents, and valentines day.  This month is more busy than Christmas for me.  I threw 2 big birthday parties in 2 weeks, and I am completely exhausted and ready to just relax.  I will post pictures of the party on another post, and I am so sad that I didn't get any pictures of Rob's party but it was so fun.  It was a surprise party for him and he was completely shocked, everything looked great and it was just a blast.
This year we decided to take Makayla to Disneyland for her birthday, it was magical.  We left Robbie at my parents house so we could focus on just Makayla, Rob's sister Tonya came with us.  His brother and family were going to come, but we unable to make it, =( It would have been such a blast to have all the cute girls together, but they had more important things to deal with. 
Makayla wore a button that let the people who worked at Disneyland that it was her birthday, so all day the workers were wishing her a happy birthday, during the parade, the princesses were telling her happy birthday as they were singing and dancing, it was really awesome, makes me want to go every year for her birthday. 


She was so excited to meet mickey, but when we got up to see him she got shy, (always happens) but she is happy to tell people she met him

Robbie had his birthday too, he turned 1! Cant believe how fast this year has gone by.  He has been able to walk for a couple months, since Christmas week, but it wasn't until the day of his birthday that he decided he wants to walk more than crawl, so fun to see him the day of his birthday to pretty much be walking all day instead of mostly crawling, he must have known it was his birthday and wanted to show me what a big boy he can be.  For his birthday we went to the Rainforest cafe, its a neat restaurant and is like a jungle inside, he was pretty entertained, when we had desert, obviously he had cake and after every bite he would clap, it was so cute.  Gosh we love him!!

Valentines day...oh what to say about that day, well Rob was amazing, I woke up to a pancake shaped as a heart, a homemade card, box of chocolate, a balloon and a set of my favorite perfume.  He really outdid himself this year, he made it so special.  The rest of the day didn't exactly mold like the morning, it was one of the hardest days as a parent I have had in a very long time, Makayla was insane, and I had to call Rob to come home to help me take care of the cranky kids and myself, but he let me go get a break and I ended with the night of some shopping, getting a spur of the moment hour full body massage, and a steak dinner that rob had made.  Do I have the most amazing husband or what! Being romantic has never been his forte, but he really made me feel extra special and I definitely needed it that day, love you babe, you are simply the best!

I will never get sick of looking into my kids gorgeous blue eyes, they are unreal

Kisses for the birthday boy

is this picture not the best!! I have the best little family ever!! No really they are amazing and I can not thank my heavenly father any more for blessing me with these 2 awesome kids and amazing husband.  How did I get so lucky to have them in my life.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flu Season

Life has been a little rough lately,  For the past 2 months my kids have been sick off and on, but more on than off, gotta love winter, but here are a few pic I captured the past couple months

I just had to put this up, totally cracked me up.  I feel like this sums up my life at the moment with all the sickness between them and what I deal with.  Too funny!

Robbie is growing up so much, He had to bet blood work done, the doctors were concerned about him being so low in weight (he is still below the charts).  I was really sad that he had to get his blood drawn, I didn't want him to have to get a needle in him, but he was such a champ and barely cried (he had to get it done twice) and the results came back normal! Yipee, he is just small and petite, I'm sure he will grow later?! lol jk

This girl is always entertaining, if its from saying something hilarious, acting crazy, dancing around, or being a sassy pants, there are never dull moments being her mom.  

Uncle Shane came to visit for a very short period of time, but they all had a blast playing together, just makes me wish we had family that lived close by

The weather has been amazing!! Really we have had the perfect combo of cold lazy days with rain, to warm beautiful sunny weather.  It is officially "bike" season here in AZ and I love it, we have spend lots of time biking around, love that they fell asleep, I didn't want to wake them when we got home, so I sat on the porch while they slept in the trailer for an hour

They sure love playing with Dad.  Work has been very busy for Rob lately, he's been working late hours, so any chance they get to spend with him they make it worth it.

This just breaks my heart, but is also such a sweet moment caught.  Makayla was so sick (as you can see) and right when Rob came home from work she just collapsed on him, and Robbie wanted some daddy love too.  This flu season has been hard

This little crazy kid is really something lol  I will go into that at his 1 year post, but even though he is super active, he loves to snuggle.  This one night he literally snuggled me for hours on end, just like the picture.  It was so sweet and tender, and moments like those just make all the stress of parenting worth every second.  

Now that we are all better, lets hope we don't get sick for a very very long time!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My little Princess

Okay If I'm going to be honest here, and starting from the very beginning, before I had kids I never imagined that I would have a baby girl as my first born.  Before I ever got pregnant there was not even a thought in my mind that I would have a girl first and If I could have planned it I would have chosen to have 3 boys then 2 girls (like in my family).  Not to mention I didn't know what to do with a girl. I know I am a girl and most women dream of having a little girl, but I was used to be surrounded with boys and always got along better with them, I always knew having a girl would add extra drama in my life. 
Fast forwarding to now... How incredibly happy I am that I have a little girl in my life and that she is my firstborn.  I have always been a girly girl and so it does seem weird that I didnt want a girl for a long time, but where would my life be without my spunky girl. My whole thoughts about that has completely changed!  I don't want to go into details about how much she has blessed my life, I will save that for her birthday post coming up, but really having a girl is amazing!! I got to take her to Disney Princess On Ice and it was the best time.  Dressing her up like a princess was so much fun and watching her face light up when the dancers came out, there was nothing like it.  Not only is she the most beautiful girly girl but she is a little tom boy too, there is nothing this girl cant to, honestly she is so talented it blows my mind how easily she picks up things. Plus having a girl first helps all around I get to be a little girl again with her, she is amazing with her brother and will the such a great babysitter when the time comes, and dressing her up like a little mini me is always fun! Seriously what would I do without her!
okay okay enough with the talking on with the pictures

This is her and her best friend Brynlee

Monday, December 17, 2012

Robbie's 9 month update

I have been really bad at taking pictures of Robbie.  I don't know why, but I definitely need to get better at it.  He had his 9 month check up a few weeks ago and I thought I could get him out of the 1 percentile, well we did but because he went back down, so he is below the charts at 0 percentile, weighing in at 14lbs 10oz.  What a chunker!!! haha they were still not concerned but they do want him to start gaining some weight.  Seriously that boy can eat!! He eats so much, my kids just have super fast metabolisms. 

I just stopped breastfeeding.  He thought it would be funny to bite me around 50 times and laugh every time even when I would flip his lip he would smile, then cry then laugh.  He is crazy, so after he drew blood 4 times I decided enough is enough and put him on the bottle.  The day I gave up nursing I had withdrawals and was so sad to give it up, so I thought I would just keep nursing morning and night, did that for about a week and now I just pretty much gave it up for good. I would have loved to do it for a year, but hey almost 10 months is better than nothing. 

For about 4 months he has been a terrible sleeper.  He would wake up 3 times a night to eat or just to be held or for a pacifier, well since he has been on the bottle he has been sleeping amazing!! I know it is a combination of things, he is not teething bad right now, he doesn't get the comfort of nursing in the middle of the night and I know that was a big reason, and the bottles I'm sure fill him up more, but we are so happy.  He slept the other night from 8pm until 10:30am.  Crazy right!!! 

A little about my handsome boy...

-He is getting close to walking

-He broke 3 teeth at once and there are 2 or 3 more about to break through (the 3 that came out of the surface are all on the top left) totaling of 5 teeth that are out

-He loves being thrown around, either on the bed or on the couch or hung upside down. Such a boy!

-He is extremely ticklish

-He never stops moving, he is so active and is such a fast crawler

-He eats everything and is not picky in the slightest.  I make his baby food although right now he is in a feeding himself stage, we give him what we make for dinner and he always eats tons of it no matter what it is

-He is such a charmer! He will crawl up to most anyone and just give them the biggest smile (and for some reason men are drawn to him I don't know what it is but its usually men that tell me how adorable he is and they cant stop playing with him or wanting to hold him, its kind of funny)

-He is a mommas boy

-Makayla and him are still best of friends and they never get sick of each other

Sunday, December 2, 2012

never enough pictures

These are just some random pictures I have taken within these past 2 months.  The kids are cute and crazy and so fun.  Being a mom is the best job in the world

my beautiful Makayla, she is growing up so fast!

 She loves playing with her friends.  These are some of the things she likes to do, play in the trash can, and play dress up.  The trash can thing is off her list of things to play in, mom and dad thinks its pretty nasty an will not allow her to go in it (but it doesn't always stop her and her friends from going in when we aren't looking)

Love his cute smile with his two bottom teeth

mini photo shoot I did before church of Makayla

Love my boys 

we went to Utah for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun having all the grand kids play together.  They all had so much fun

my mom came to visit for a week and we got to do a girls night.  She is the best 

few goofy moments with this cute kid.  Seriously he is going to be a year old in 3 months, CRAZY!